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Our founder and CEO, Marian Sotelo-Paz, of Diva Spa Miami is passionate about making women feel and look their very best. That can be said about our entire team. We absolutely love what we do.

From body treatments to face treatments we are knowledgable and want to help you achieve your dream. We also offer scar reduction and to top it all of we have an in-house nail tech. 

Our Services

We are the leading professionals in a variety of Body Contouring, Face Treatments, and Scar Reduction services. Be sure to also check out our fantastic nail techs that’ll take care of you and get you feeling like the diva that you are!

Body Contouring

Non-invasive procedures to remove excess fat involve minimal recovery time; patients can resume their normal activities the same day.

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Face Treatments

We offer microblading, facials & waxing. Have your smile shine from that glowing face of yours. Browse around and find the right face treatment to give you that confidence boost!

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Scar Reduction

Scar tissue comes with the territory of getting an invasive procedure. It develops where there was a surgical incision in the skin.

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Manicures & Pedicures

We will treat you like the diva that you are. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident. Our nail techs will be sure to get you feeling glamorous by the time you walk out our doors.

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You Are Beautiful!

Give our blog a read. We have plenty of tips and stories to share. You should feel like YOU and if you are having trouble in your own skin we are here to give you the boost that you need!



I am happy of the excellent work and of my results I am grateful that I found them since they gave me a lot of information about my postoperative and the massage and the people are more than professional thousand thanks

Cindy Cabadilla

My wife got a same day appointment in this place and after the massage she felt incredible better,stiffless after her 360 liposuction surgery. She said the best lymphatic massage in Miami because she got 2 massages at the surgical Center and another near my house. The massage was more than one hour and they are very professionals, we highly recommend this place for post-op care.

Walter Aguilar Ramirez

This place is an oasis for all of us who need this services. Not only do they take the time and do not rush to do the massage but they are checking you. I arrived here after going to other 2 placed and I could see the quality of services. I recommend them one hundred percent


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